Bell Media & Project 10 announce “DARCY”

This is so weird and wild and awesome!

We’d like to thank Sarah, Scott, Bill and Kara at CTV, along with Andrew and Ben at Project 10 for giving us this opportunity. CTV and Comedy network have been some of my biggest champions over the years, I’m so glad we’ve partnered with them again.

This is the start of a dream come true. Carl Johann and I are thrilled to finally be able to share this news with everyone!

We look forward to disappointing all of you…

Deadline Article here: http://deadline.com/2015/06/cobie-smulders-paul-campbell-comedy-series-project-10-1201438344/

Project 10 DARCY annoucement













It’s a Just for Laughs summer!

Hi Mom!

Good news, I’ll be returning to Just for Laughs this July – www.hahaha.com for info!

AND if that’s not enough, I’ll be at JFL42 this September in Toronto. tix: http://www.jfl42.com/act/pat-thornton-darcy-michael/

Plus a few more tour dates added, so check out the tour page.



New Tour Dates!

Hi Mom!

We just added a bunch of new tour dates for 2015…more are gonna come but let’s be honest, I dont want to work too hard.


Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Russell Peters and I at Casino Rama

Just for Laughs AND JFL42.

Go get your tix, click here for more info.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival ‘High School Confidential’

Here’s a set from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, sorry it took so long to upload but I’ve been very busy ‘gardening’


hi internet

We just wrapped filming season two of Spun Out!

It was a super fun – I’m stoked for you guys to see it in 2015.

I just returned taking part in NBC’s Stand Up Diversity showcase in Los Angeles

We’ll be posting 2015 tour dates and more in the next couple weeks, until then go stalk me online.

Stoned Husband

Spun Out Demo

We start filming Season 2 of Spun Out at the end of this month, so let’s celebrate with a little look back


more videos at youtube.com/undercoverfag

XM Top Comic

Hey Gang of People that check my website (Mom)

I made the finals for Sirius XM’s Top Comic! They take place at JFL42 in Toronto on Sept 25.

here’s some sneaky audio of me getting the news about the win AND that Im opening for Russell Peters on Sept 27th at Rogers Arena!!

Thanks to everyone that voted for me! xo

XM Top Comic

Hey Gang,

Im in the semi-finals of XM’s Top Comic competition.

Go here and vote every day for lil ol’ me.



Darcy’s been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Breakout Artist of the Year!

Industry members can vote here: http://www.canadiancomedy.ca/

Non-industry people can send Darcy a congratulations ham! FUN!

Dean Blundell Off Air

I’ve been dicking around with my ol’ pal Dean Blundell on a new podcast called Off Air. You can check them all out on DeanBlundell.com but here’s a couple to wet your whistles…go to itunes or soundcloud to download…

CTV announces Season Two of Spun Out

Spun Out CTV Upfronts 2014Thanks to all you awesome folks, CTV has ordered a second season of Spun Out!

Productions slated to begin this fall, we’ll be back on the airwaves before ya know it.



Dean Blundell Live

Oh hai dwellers of the internet,

It’s been a while since I added a post – dont hate, I’ve been very busy sunning myself and growing ‘vegetables’

ThatTimeofTheMonth_4x6_final***JUST ANNOUNCED***

0PM, Markham Ont

Dean Blundell Presents: That Time of the Month show with Me, Clifford Myers and a whole gaggle of idiots.

To get tix go here: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004CAEDCF9A915


CTV Upfront 2013 Presentation at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto on June 6, 2013

Set your PVRS for a 2 night premiere starting Thurs March 6th at 8:30pm and Friday March 7th at 8pm

We will air Fridays at 8pm from then on out. Go to CTV.ca/SpunOut for details!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH PREVIEW: http://vimeo.com/73487215

Spun Out Premiere


Dear Internets,

I’ve thrilled to tell you guys that last week we filmed the pilot for CTV’s newest multi-cam sitcom called: Spun Out. It stars Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, News Radio) as well as Paul Campbell (Almost Heroes, Battlestar Gallatica) and JP Manoux (everything ever made on television) and of course, lil’ ol’ me has a fun character named Gordon Woolmer.

The show was created by Brent Piaskoski, Brian Roberts and Jeff Biederman. In April we are slated to film 12 more episodes!

spun out

oh haiiiiii

Hey Internet!

So much to talk about that I don’t even have time.

Tix for New Years Eve at Massey Hall are on sale now, go to the tour page for the links!

Here’s a new interview from The Rush with Fiona and Mike

Check out more new Press here.

As always, I continue to tolerate you all.

Mwah, darc

VIFF Red Carpet

I’m suppppppppppppper late posting this but it’s only because I’ve been really busy growing my beard back.

Here’s some video from this one time I got too drunk at a red carpet event and then I had to interview a bunch of people I didn’t know….

and in case your wondering, the word of the day was in fact ‘amazing’


Urban Rush

As per usual, I had a ton of fun stopping by Urban Rush this week

Check out our interview here:

One Skinny Bitch AVAILABLE NOW!

Hello my internet lovers

It’s official – One Skinny Bitch is now available for download for a measly 3 bucks!

Why only 3 bucks? I’m releasing this directly to fans, no record label, no middle man, which means it doesn’t cost nearly as much to produce & instead of just being a money grabbing whore like I normally am, I decided to make it cheap because I love you all. Okay well not really -Let’s be honest, Louis CK sold his for 5 and I aint Louis fucking CK.  So I threw in the audio as well, lowered the price by two whole dollars (that’s 40% folks) and hoped the internet would open their coin purses in exchange for my life’s work.  Seriously people, it’s three bucks and I’m worth at least $4.50!! But for reals folks, if you like the special please share it. If you don’t like it, call my Grandma – you’ll have lots in common.

So what happens next? I hope you guys buy it, like it and then tell 1,000,000 of your closest friends and/or random strangers (please, please tell random strangers.) Then we party. No for reals, if enough people buy this I’ll come to all of your houses and throw a bash…And by bash, I mean I’ll drink your tequila and possibly pee in your living room. Otherwise known as “friday” around my house.

This special wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of my amazing team and now I’m going to awkwardly list all their names so they feel special and appreciated…even though we all know the truth. So read their names, find them on facebook and stalk the shit out of them. Lord knows they all must be poor as shit if they’re helping a schmuck like me.

Seriously though, huge thanks to Danny Mendlow, Justin Kelly, Gerhard Gouws, Ricky Letovsky, Derek Sweet, Noam Kroll, Michelle Gauvin, Lesley Diana and probably a few more that I’ll list later.

The only way this will be a success is if you, my lovely, sleazy fans help out – it’s all grassroots from here on out. All I ask is if you do buy it, and you enjoy it – tell every one. Facebook, twitter, email, snail mail, show up at peoples houses, steal their credit cards and download it onto their computers….then, we partaaaaaaaaay.

As always, I tolerate you all,

Darcy Michael

New Preview Clip added!


Hey Internet creepers,
My minions uploaded another preview clip from “One Skinny Bitch
Watch it! Then share it with 1,000,000 of your closest friends. Please. I’m so poor. The minions haven’t eaten in days.

One Skinny Bitch


Here’s a sneak peak at my new Comedy Special everyone. Dropping May 10th, providing my crack team of web elves stay focused!



Welcome to my new website!

I just wrapped filming for my new comedy talk show The Skinny and now we’re are going into Darcy Michael overload these next few weeks with the launch of my new special “One Skinny Bitch” – be sure to sign up for the mailing list to keep up to date on all the stuff coming up!

Also, like me on facebook k? I need some validation. facebook.com/thedarcymichael

Keep checking back here often for new updates and dick pics.
I continue to tolerate you all,